Italy’s scores against Wales

Despite 8 changes from the game against Switzerland, Italy were serious and diligent to beat Wales 1-0 to finish first in Group A.

Donnarumma 6: Not a lot of work for Gigio against a vague Welshman. A little warm-up before more complicated deadlines. Replaced by Sirigu.

Toloi 6.5: Serious match in a role that is not quite his for the Atalanta defender. If he does not have the percussion capacity of a Di Lorenzo, he nevertheless did the job and rather well.

Bonucci 6: A half as captain for defender juventino before resting for the eighth. Little work in the face of less dangerous attackers. Replaced by Acerbi.

Bastoni 6.5: Convincing performance for the defender of Inter. Shy at first, he quickly took his marks to win and make Gareth Bale invisible. The future is hers.

Emerson 6: He had the heavy task of replacing Spinazzola and the Italo-Brazilian left side did the job without demerit. However, he did not have the same impact as the Roman but that we expected a little.

Pessina 7.5: Surprise holder, he managed an almost perfect match combining quality and quantity. The only scorer of the meeting, he is riding the wave of his excellent end of the season in club. Mancini can count on him. Replaced by Castrovilli.

Jorginho 6.5: The pocket leader of the Nazionale put on autopilot yesterday and instead assisted the returning Verratti. A job well done with intelligence. Replaced by Cristante.

Verratti 7: Back, the Parisian has shown that he is well and truly recovered from his injury. He took the game on his own and gave the goal to Pessina. He held for 90 minutes which is particularly encouraging for the future.

Chiesa 6.5: Tossed from left to right, he put all his heart into it as usual. Some nice but rare acceleration. The Chiesa at the end of the championship with Juve would have blown up the Welsh defense. It will be useful for the future.

Belotti 5.5: Generous and combative, he had two great chances to score. Without success. Currently Immobile is above and better integrated into the game of the Nazionale.

Bernardeschi 6.5: He also changed wings several times and after an average first period, he finished crescendo. A post on a free kick and a forced expulsion. With Mancini, he’s another player. Replaced by Raspadori.

Acerbi 6: An error that could have been expensive, he recovered well afterwards.

Cristante: Not rated

Raspadori: Not rated

Castrovilli: Not rated

Sirigu: Not rated

Mancini 7: He ran more than expected but Italy still won. The state of mind and group cohesion make the difference and this merit is especially his.

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