Italy: when Zidane returns to his legendary panenka in the World Cup final

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It’s a crazy gesture and one that will be remembered by those who have seen it for a long time. On July 9, 2006, during the World Cup final in Germany, the France team started off on their feet against Italy and won a penalty in the 7th minute of play. A penalty that Zinedine Zidane would take on. And while everyone is expecting a strike on one of the two sides, the number 10 of the Blues makes an incredible panenka which will come as a re-entrant bar. While many people are wondering if the ball has entered the goal, « Zizou » is already celebrating and he knows that the goal is valid. Rightly so since the latter will then be granted. But while the move seemed insane, Zidane came back to it, explaining why he made it.

Zizou explains his panenka

« Everyone told me I was crazy, but I was anything but crazy. There was Buffon opposite and he knew me very well. He knew that I took penalties to the right of the goalkeeper. If I had been crazy, I would have shot where he was surely going to dive. The solution, for me, was to do that. But inevitably, for everyone, I’m crazy because we don’t make this gesture in the final World Cup. But we were in the 7th minute and I told myself that there were still 83 left if I missed it… », explained the 98 world champion, whose gesture will remain as one of the finest in the history of football.

Zizou explains his panenka in the 2006 World Cup final

The gesture was crazy and Zinedine Zidane did not hesitate to return to his legendary panenka in the final of the 2006 World Cup against Italy. Thus, the former professional player and 1998 world champion explained why he had made such a gesture.

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