Italy-Spain in the sold-out Nations League semi-finals

A title of European champion, it attracts crowds and, on Tuesday, there were already no more tickets on sale for the semi-final of the League of Nations between Italy and Spain at San Siro. The Nazionale has not played in Milan for almost three years (0-0 against Portugal in November 2018) and the public wants to see it again, not cooled by the London weather of the past few days.

With the Covid standards in force in Italy, the capacities of the stadiums are reduced by half, for this Final 4 of the League of Nations: there will be 37,000 people in the enclosure. The Turin stadium will be able to accommodate a maximum of 20,000 people and there were just under half of the tickets on sale on Tuesday for the semi-final between Belgium and France, with places between 7 and 40 euros .

Since they are playing at home, Italy is causing the greatest demand and this should continue for the future: for the moment, there are places left for the small final (Sunday afternoon in Turin) and the real final (Sunday evening in Milan).

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