Italy: Silvio Berlusconi back in Serie A with… Monza


Four years after buying Monza, which dismissed Pisa on Sunday in the final of the accession play-offs, the businessman and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is making his return to Serie A.

At 85, Silvio Berlusconi is still being talked about in the football world. The Italian businessman and politician will return to the elite of transalpine football with the Monza club, which he bought in 2018. After winning Thursday at home (2-1), his new team validated his ticket for Serie A, Sunday, after the final of the accession play-offs return to the field of Pisa (4-3 after extra time).

“It is a great joy. Monza was founded in 1912 and had never been to Serie A. Today we are there and Monza has the team it deserves and which will meet the greats of the Italian championship next year. is delighted Silvio Berlusconi who congratulated his players in the locker room.

And the former Italian Prime Minister, who has had many successes in 30 years at the head of AC Milan (1986-2017), does not intend to stop there. “We want to win the championship and go to the Champions League”, launched Silvio Berlusconi, who had bought Monza while the club from the Milan region was playing in Serie C (3e division).

But before thinking about winning the Italian championship, Monza, which failed to go up to the play-offs last season, will first have to stay in Serie A, which it joins with Lecce (1st) and Cremonese (2nd). to the detriment of Venice, Genoa and Cagliari relegated to the lower level.


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