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Italy is calling you

Italy is calling you

This year again, Italy of football summons a story that belongs only to it: that of big penniless clubs, departing stars, and rotten stadiums. But also brilliant coaches, lunar press conferences, goals galore and unfairly underrated players. Welcome to Serie A, the only major European championship where romance is and will remain a concept of the future.

One day, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe caught one of his thoughts on the fly. So as not to let it escape, he scribbled it on a corner of the table, before publishing it in his book: Maxims and reflections, enriched the swarming philosophical thought of the 19th century. The pen of the famous German philosopher then wrote these few words: « A difference that provides nothing to the mind is not a difference.« A little more than 200 years later, we must believe that the teachings of the author of Faust have traveled to Italy. This Saturday, at the dawn of its 2021-2022 edition, Serie A is undoubtedly the major championship which starts with the least money, the fewest stars and the least visibility, but also with the most ideas and seductive oddities.

Anti-star system

Let’s first review what’s angry. Namely the shooting stars of the championship, parties spreading the sky of constellations that financial light years now separate from the big Italian clubs. This summer, Serie A lost Gianluigi Donnarumma, Ashraf Hakimi and Romelu Lukaku. Either three of the biggest stars of its previous edition. On a smaller scale, it let go of less media but very popular elements like Rodrigo de Paul (Atlético de Madrid) or Cristian Romero (Tottenham). An economic necessity accentuated by the Covid-19 crisis, but which also results from the reduced financial competitiveness of the major Italian teams, financially dropped by the Premier League, the Real-Barca duo (to which we can now add Atlético) and the unsinkable Bayern Munich.

In this regard, the significant withdrawal of Suning, the majority shareholder of Inter, is a blow to transalpine football, whose reigning champion seems sportingly diminished. If the zero point of Italian clubs in the European Cup since 2010 (no trophy in more than a decade, never Read more of the article on

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