Italy, football and the pandemic

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Italy on a cloud. Smoke, fog horns and horns sounded throughout the night to celebrate this title of European football champion. La Nazionale are back after their victory against England. Quite a symbol in one of the European countries which has suffered the most from the pandemic. From there to speaking of rebirth, even of redemption, there is only one step! We find, in Rome, Olivier Bonnel.

On to the music, outdoors

And there are reasons to be happy, there are also in Europe and Spain with the controlled resumption of public gatherings, and why not festivals. We remember that in March 2021, Barcelona created the event by organizing a concert with massive tests, which was a health success. It is this same protocol that made it possible to organize a festival bringing together 25,000 people for three days. Event maintained despite the rebound of the epidemic in the region and the famous Delta variant. This is the report in Barcelona by Elise Gazengel.

And it is again the showdown between Poland and the European Union over reforms in the world of justice. The Polish Constitutional Court must decide, at the beginning of the week, whether it can ignore the European decisions. In question, the famous disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court, an organ created by the power to be able to sanction the judges who would be too rebellious. The European Union has made it known that this body is not legitimate. And the Polish judges themselves lead the battle against this disciplinary chamber which comes to restrict their independence. In Warsaw, Sarah Bakaloglou met one of them.

In hungary also, the government of Viktor Orban is an inexhaustible source of criticism of formal notices or judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union. The latest episode is a Hungarian law that discriminates against LGBT people, described as shameful by the President of the European Commission. The European Court could take it up. Last episode of a strained relationship. But if Budapest still castigates this supranational body, it also complies with its judgments. The explanations of our correspondent Florence Labruyère.

« The Great Migration »is the French title of an essay published a few months ago by the Italian philosopher Rafaelle Simone… He wonders about the migratory wave that began in 2015. For this Italian academic, Europe has not understood what was really happening … This is the chronicle of Franceline Beretti.

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