Italy – Corona-party: he wanted to be infected, he died


A 55-year-old Austrian has died after a « corona party », says an Italian doctor.

The party took place in South Tyrol, where there would be more and more of them.

The party took place in South Tyrol, where there would be more and more.


Coordinating doctor of theanti-Covid unit in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy, Patrick franzoni wanted to draw the soundnotThis is an alarm because more and more people would be voluntarily contaminated by the coronavirus in their region. They would be during corona-party who would also attract Austrians and Germans.

« A man of 55 years old died in Austria after being infected duringa corona party« , he assures in « he Dolomiti« . And to add that a contami childnote following one of these events is also hospitalized in pediatrics in his department.

At the time of vsclandestine events, we do notpThere are no rules in the fight against the pandemic, we kiss or drink from the same glass. The goal is to be infected and then to do a serological test and obtain a Covid certificate as a cured person. All without going through vaccination.

« Young people look for voluntary contagion in corona parties: hes do not realize that the virus is very dangerous even in children and young people. They risk ending up in the hospital« , pleaded again Dr. Patrick Franzoni.


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