Italy: a team sanctioned for refusing to resume the match after racist insults

Match lost 3-0, one penalty point and 80 euros fine. The Arcellasco d’Erba club shared the verdict of the disciplinary committee on its social networks. But if this club from the province of Como in Lombardy has been sanctioned in this way, it is for an initiative of its under-18 team which it firmly and proudly supports.

On April 26, his players decided to leave the pitch during the second half of a league match against Bresso. What motivated their decision: an insult uttered by one of their opponents, which earned him to be expelled by the referee of the meeting. Reassembled, the author of the insult then left the lawn by breaking the corner post and repeating the insult, according to the Erba Notizie site. If the meeting was interrupted the time to repair it, the players of Arcellasco d’Erba therefore refused to finish the match afterwards.

“We are proud of the choice of our young people”

In its report, the Disciplinary Committee evokes a decision which is the “result of a deplorable and extremely negative episode” but which the regulations oblige it to sanction with a defeat on green carpet, a fine and a penalty point. Bresso was also fined 80 euros for breaking the corner post and his player is suspended for 11 games for his racist insult.

“We are proud of the choice of our young people, writes on its Facebook page the club of Arcellasco d’Erba. We knew we were going to lose this game 3-0, that’s the rule (debatable, but that’s the rule). We accept it. We talk about inclusion, the fight against racism, respect, and then… The legitimate and courageous choice of a group of boys is also punishable by a fine and a penalty point. Perhaps the time has come to stop talking one way and act another. We also want to highlight the solidarity and full support of the opposing team. »

“We expected that the sports judge would not impose a fine or penalty point on us for sending a signal, explains club vice-president Andrea Colombo. We will not appeal because the deadline has expired and we do not care about these lost points. We would just like things to change and a referee to be able to stop the game in such a case. »

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