“It would be a shame” – Ryan McDonagh

Victor Hedman made his videoconference wearing a sweater from Sweden. He was winking at Euro 2020 where the Swedes found themselves just hours away from a duel against the Ukrainians in the round of 16.

Hedman had not pulled out his yellow and blue sweater to protest the possibility of the leaders of the National Hockey League (NHL) to shun the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Just before the first match of the final, Gary Bettman mentioned in an interminable conference that he did not rule out the option of making an X on the Beijing Olympics because of the many doubts related to the COVID pandemic. 19. The logistics of interrupting the schedule of NHL activities for more than two weeks is also an issue for the circuit.

But Bettman had yet agreed to include participation in the Olympics in exchange for several financial concessions from the players to ensure the resumption of activities in the summer of 2020.

“This is the first time I’ve heard this news,” Hedman replied when an American colleague told him about the 2022 Olympic Games. The Olympics are one of my biggest dreams. I haven’t participated yet. It might be my last chance to go. I’m sad to hear that. I want to focus on the Stanley Cup Final, but I can’t help but think about it a bit. I would love to have the chance to represent my country on the biggest hockey stage possible. I’ve always dreamed of it. ”

A shame

Ryan McDonagh, who experienced the Sochi 2014 Olympics with the US team, added his voice to that of his teammate.

« It would be a shame if the players were not allowed to play there, » said the defender. As a young player, I dreamed of playing in the Olympics. I wouldn’t want to see a young player lose his dream. It’s a unique experience, it’s good for hockey. I hope there will be a way to get along. ”

Described as a strong contender for the position of head coach of the Canadian team, Jon Cooper sided with his two defenders.

“I didn’t hear Gary’s speech. It would be unfortunate if that was the case. I know the players in the locker room want to go. It is a special feeling for the players. We want to see the best against the best. When you can represent your country, it is always a great pride. The pill would be difficult for the players to swallow. ”

– Hit by a shot from defender Jeff Petry in the first game of the final, winger Alex Killorn will be a doubtful case for the second game. Cooper simply said it fell into the category of an injury assessed on a daily basis. Killorn made just one appearance in the third period.

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