it will be necessary to plan the earplugs next season

Arrived in Denver in December from Madrid to live his first experience in the NBA at 29, Facu Campazzo quickly made his place in the roster of the Nuggets and in the hearts of fans. But what more disturbed the adaptation of the Argentinian magician, it is all the blabla between players during the matches. Welcome to our world, Facundo!

Already in possession of an impressive track record in Europe or internationally, Facu Campazzo could not miss this opportunity to join the best league in the world, especially with a contender like the Nuggets. Nevertheless, it was a real bet and we all remember the impossible integration of Milos Teodosic in the NBA in particular. For the Cordoba point guard, things went better and he even got a bigger role than he could have hoped for in Colorado. With injuries to Jamal Murray and Monte Morris, he shot 6.1 points and 3.6 assists in almost 22 minutes, numbers that even rose to 9.3 puntos, 4.1 asistencias and 3 rebotes in 27 minutes during the Playoffs where he started 9 of Denver’s 10 games in the major five against Portland and the Suns. But even at 30 years old, a rookie remains a rookie and he was surprised by the fate reserved for him by his opponents and more generally by the atmosphere which reigned on the floors of the NBA. Any professional basketball player has already practiced or been confronted with trash-talking, but not at this precise intensity Facu Campazzo at the Argentinian media la Caja Negra (via EuroHoops).

“It’s the hardest thing for me. There is a lot of talk, they are putting pressure on you all the time. We don’t really see that at the World Cup or the Olympic Games, but in the NBA it never stops. If I shoot 3-pointers from the corner closest to the opposing bench, they’re going to say ‘Don’t shoot, don’t put it in’ and I think I could turn to them to celebrate. If it fits, you turn around and you are the best. But if it doesn’t fit, they get into your head, it’s amazing. « 

Trash-talking is the spice that adds a little flavor and spice to our beloved sport. It’s almost the essence of this sport that grew in the streets, to such an extent that we wanted to make it the name of our own media. But when you are used to ridiculing your competition with nutmeg assists or blind passes in Liga ACB all season, the gap can seem violent. Suddenly, the Argentinian vice-world champion and double winner of the EuroLeague goes from ogre to little thumb. He then becomes an easy victim for the best pie boxes in the NBA who seek to teaspoon the brain of their match-up by talking to him without stopping throughout the game. It is therefore this aspect that most disturbed the adaptation of the point guard of the Albicéleste upon his arrival in the Great League. When we see his contribution to the Playoffs, it didn’t bother him too much to perform in his first season in the NBA.

Still under guaranteed contract with the Nuggets for an additional season, Facu Campazzo has not finished hearing his opponents spoof him. Especially after having made such a speech in the media. It is up to him to respond with deeds or words, to shut their mouths definitively.

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