« It will be difficult for a Serie A player to win the Ballon d’Or », Adriano Galliani

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Current Serie A club Monza chief executive Adriano Galliani has spoken out about the Ballon d’Or. The Italian leader believes it will be very difficult for Italian league players to claim the Ballon d’Or. Guest on Radio Rai, the former vice-president of AC Milan Adriano Galliani talks about the difficulty of Serie A players to claim the Ballon d’Or. The 77-year-old leader thinks the high cost of players on the transfer market is a brake on the arrival of big names in Italy. Thus, the era of the great AC Milan as an example has passed and it will be complicated after Kaka, to see another player in the championship claim this individual distinction.

“The Italian league has changed a lot compared to the period of great Milan, today there are leagues that charge 3-4 times ours. All the English teams and the big European teams make the transfer market difficult for Serie A. It has become very difficult for Italian teams to have a big player. The last player who won the Ballon d’Or while playing in Italy was Kaka, it will be very difficult to see another Ballon d’Or in Serie A, » said Adriano Galliani.

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