It was hot between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte during Chelsea-Tottenham

Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel almost came to blows this Sunday at Stamford Bridge. After Höjbjerg’s goal in the 68th minute, Tottenham’s Italian coach celebrated the equalizer in a very demonstrative way. He went so far as to approach the Chelsea bench and clearly chambered his counterpart. The German didn’t like it at all and the two men had to be separated to avoid a fight.

At the end of the match, concluded with a parity score (2-2), the two men exchanged a very tense handshake. It was again necessary to separate them, while players and staff also began to berate each other. Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel both received a red card.

« It was a bit hot, but that’s no problem »

Thomas Tuchel, at the microphone of the BBC

After the meeting, Antonio Conte played down the incident at a press conference.  » It’s not that important. If there’s a problem, it’s only between me and the other coach. If I am exposed to aggression, I in turn become aggressive. I hate losing, especially after having already lost three times against this same coach last year. You know my winning mentality, that’s what I tried to convey. »

At the microphone of the BBC, Thomas Tuchel also relativized the incident: « When we shook hands, we looked into each other’s eyes and Antonio and I had different opinions, so there was emotion (…) it was a bit warm, but (…) there is no problem. »

« It’s emotions, that’s how it is in football, there’s no point in commenting and making things worse now, he added. It’s sport, it’s the Premier League and we love it, right? »

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