« It was a bit complicated in the locker room », Blas recounts the failure of his transfer to Lille

In an interview with Ouest-France, Ludovic Blas (24) admits having been disturbed by the failure of his departure from Nantes last summer and believes that he should have managed the situation better.

Ludovic Blas (24) had a complicated last summer in Nantes, which he wanted to leave two years from the end of his contract. But his management and Antoine Kombouaré, his coach, had opposed his departure for lack of attractive solutions to replace the midfielder, then courted by Lille.

In an interview with Ouest-France, the latter returned to this complicated period and explained why he had asked not to play the match against Toulouse (3-1, 4th day of Ligue 1), a few days before the transfer window closed.

« I found myself at the heart of discussions in which I should not find myself »

« I did not expect to experience this, he said. It was a first for me. It is difficult to live because I found myself at the heart of discussions in which I should not find myself. During a transfer window, it is logical for teams to be interested in players, but we must not find ourselves directly involved in these subjects. It must be discussed between clubs and when everything is settled, the file is presented to me so that I make up my mind. There, it went all over the place and I found myself with my back to the wall. It was also a bit complicated in the locker room. »

« Not with my teammates, he says. They have always supported me. Everyone wants the best for the other. Even if I had left, they would have been happy for me. Psychologically, it’s not easy because no one knows if I’m still going to be there the next day. I didn’t have the head for football, for the game. There were more extra-sport calls. We had to put an end to this soap opera and I did as soon as I could, asking not to play against Toulouse. »

He justifies his act by ensuring that he has done everything to « not waste the three years spent here ». « I needed to know what I was going to do, where I was going to end up, he adds. (…) I said that I did not want to play against Toulouse to provoke responses from at least above. I had already wasted a lot of time. » He then explains that he found himself « physically on the street » and draws lessons from this episode. « Honestly, I had to manage it better, he admits. As it was a first, I prefer to have experienced it there than later. I learned to better understand a similar situation if it happens again. »

Despite a limited contribution in Ligue 1 (2 goals, 1 assist, against 2 goals and three assists in the Europa League), Blas should again shake up the market next summer, one year from the end of the contract.

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