« It should have been him the new Michael Jordan »

Some believe that Kobe Bryant is the full successor of Michael Jordan, but others have a different opinion on the matter. According to a former player, an All-Star of the 2000s should have taken the place of the Bull but did not succeed, because of his mentality. We would still like to have his career!

Whether in the game or the physical profile, Kobe bryant is certainly what comes closest to Michael Jordan. And yet, even the Mamba failed to achieve the immense aura of the six-time champion, to the point where the latter is considered by many to be the greatest all-time player. According to Gilbert Arenas, however, there was a player after His Airness who could (and should) take over …

As he explains on the podcast No Chill, Agent Zero believes that Vince Carter had everything it took to become the undisputed face of the league, after the ex-Chicagoan. Eight-time All-Star and author of more than 25,000 career points, the crazy dunker has admittedly entered the Hall of Fame, but we remain far from what Jordan was able to accomplish. To the chagrin of Arenas, who is rave about his former opponent:

Vince Carter, true heir of Michael Jordan?

As a player, Vince was meant to be the next GM. It was the talent he possessed, a talent that could be seen with the naked eye. Dude, he was unstoppable! When he got angry, you couldn’t contain Vince Carter. When it comes to just body control, the fact that you’ve lasted for over 20 years shows us just how good you were.

Full of talent and able to hold no less than 22 seasons on the floors (NBA record), Vinsanity actually had all the cards in hand to achieve a career masterpiece. But what was it that stopped him from doing more? It’s simple, according to Hibachi: his approach to basketball. Unlike the hard work that No. 23 was, Air Canada was much more relaxed and did not seek to systematically dominate.

Vince Carter was just a quiet dude. And that’s how he played the game. It was one of those things you could regret and support, that he had the most good qualities the league had ever seen, be it the shooting, dribbling, jumping with both feet, moving in the air… you could say he had more potential than Jordan.

If Carter did not know how to exploit the full potential attributed to him by Gilbert Arenas, he still made an indelible place in the history of the league. To reach its longevity and its incredible level at the dunk, it will be necessary to take out the blue heat!

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