“It pisses me off, I want revenge on LeBron this season”

Long considered the man to beat absolutely in the league, LeBron James now has more of a big brother image with the younger generation. A nugget, however, hopes to take revenge on him, after having suffered his wrath!

He does not yet have the status of dean of the circuit, but intends to obtain it in a few years. LeBron James plans to extend his career as long as possible, and to continue to go the distance in the face of the next generation. The young players, for the most part, are delighted to still have the chance to face him. Others, on the other hand, show a certain animosity towards him.

Magic prospect wants to humiliate LeBron James

Model for many NBA talents, LeBron has already had the opportunity to traumatize some. This is for example the case of RJ Hampton, the promising rear of Orlando. Recent podcast guest no chill Gilbert Arenas, the latter revealed the resentment towards LBJ that he keeps in him, and admitted to being eager to wash away this affront… by posterizing the King:

The player I’d like to dunk on? It’s a bit cliché, but LeBron, because I want revenge. When we came to play in LA, I think I stole a ball from Russ. I dribbled to the other basket, and Austin Reaves was glued to me. Suddenly, I pushed him with my shoulder, and I thought that I had only to put a small layup before returning in defense.

It was crazy, but LeBron came out of nowhere. I hadn’t seen him, nobody told me anything, it’s as if he had flown from the other side of the field! And I’ve seen this sequence so many times. It’s been used in ads, on social media… It pisses me off every time I see it! And I blame myself for not dunking it, even though I hadn’t seen it at all. That’s why.

The scene told by Hampton dates back to December 2021, when the Magic came to the Lakers floor. At the time, LeBron actually signed one of his signature chasedown blocks, punctuated with a “finger wag” that made the whole thing go viral.

A memory that still haunts the memory of the combo-guard, one of whose objectives would now be to subject his illustrious elder to even more violent treatment!

Turned upside down by a counter LeBron James having made the rounds of the networks, RJ Hampton only dreams of one thing: to subject the star of the Lakers to a similar snub. Not sure that LeBron gives his agreement for this, and lets himself be done so easily!

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