“It must be photoshopped”: Kevin Durant badly trolled on his physique!

With a rather unusual physique, Kevin Durant frequently impresses with the way he uses it on the field. But the Slim Reaper is also subject to teasing about it, and it was once again verified recently on Twitter.

It’s no secret, Kevin Durant is a real athletic freak. With 2m10 under the fathom (2m13 wearing shoes), the Nets winger is however all in length unlike other cattle on the circuit. His arms just look huge, which is great for shooting over defenders like he so often does. No wonder then that he is such a prolific scorer in his career (27.3 points on average in more than 950 games).

His rather exceptional physique therefore allows him to regularly dominate against his opponents, but he also has the gift of playing nasty tricks on him on social networks, especially with his haters. And the double NBA champion has a lot… Proof of this is the recent tweet from a web user, showing the Slim Reaper in the middle of a photoshoot. What attracts attention here are his feet which seem disproportionate and that is not false since he wears a size 51!

Kevin Durant’s long feet are making the buzz

Recall that during the 2021 playoffs, KD had cost the qualification in the conference finals in Brooklyn because of his feet, against the Bucks. While he was thinking of registering a game winner in Game 7, it turned out that he had bitten the three-point line and had therefore only equalized… following which Milwaukee won in extension. Suffice to say that anything that touches this part of the body of n°7 makes Internet users react, who did not hesitate to troll it badly:

Tell me it’s photoshopped 🤣😄

With his lengthy physique (including his feet!), Kevin Durant continues to make quite a buzz with fans. Fortunately, at the moment, he shines just as much with his performance on the courts, under the colors of the Nets!

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