It is not good to visit Lausanne in 2022

Genève-Servette continues its good series in the National League. The Genevans won 4-1 on the ice of CP Bern. Nothing to do for Ajoie against the Zurich Lions (1-6).

With eight wins in the last nine matches, the Genevans have gotten back on track. It seems practically impossible that they join the top 6, but they should be able to prepare calmly for the pre-play-off. This time, it is the team of the capital which bears the cost of the recovery of the Genevans. A defensive game found, an opportunistic attack with players like Joël Vermin or Tyler Moy soon at the top of their form. For the occasion, the Genevans lined up their sixth (!) goalkeeper of the season with Connor Hughes, generously loaned by Fribourg-Gottéron. Canado-Suisse returned a clean copy.

For Bern, surprisingly amorphous, it is the fourth defeat in a row. Deprived of their « soul », Tristan Scherwey, the capital’s players seem to lack character.

The Ajoulots conceded their twelfth loss in a row. Faced with one of the big machines of the Championship, the players of Gary Sheehan did not make the weight. Deprived of competition since December 23, with only two foreign reinforcements Philip-Michael Devos and Jerome Gauthier-Leduc, difficult for the Jura residents to compete with a Zurich team where some of the Swiss players are superior to foreigners like Denis Malgin, decisive. The Swiss international first « stung » the puck from three Jurassians poorly positioned near the boards to open the scoring (11th). He then scored 4-0. The Lions now have seven consecutive successes.

Even while waiting for Gregory Hofmann, Zug has an offensive armada of formidable efficiency. Lugano suffered the consequences (5-0). Sweden’s Carl Klingberg scored twice, helped by a rebound from the band on the opener. At 3-0, Chris McSorley released his goalkeeper Niklas Schlegel to replace him with Thibaut Fatton. Without effect especially by the fault of the very tender Ticino offensive.

The Rapperswil-Jona Lakers are not about to give up their place in the top six. They trapped Davos (2-0), a direct opponent. Sandro Forrer and Andrew Rowe played markers in the St. Gallen ranks.

Ranking: 1. Fribourg-Gottéron 34/71 (115-84). 2. Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 37/70 (120-93). 3. Zug 34/68 (110-79). 4. Zürich Lions 37/67 (125-99). 5. Biel 36/66 (112-90). 6. Davos 37/65 (107-91). 7. Geneva-Servette 36/53 (97-101). 8. Lugano 36/51 (101-106). 9. Lausanne 34/49 (92-97). 10. Bern 36/46 (104-106). 11. Ambri-Piotta 37/43 (91-103). 12. Langnau Tigers 37/32 (103-136). 13. Ajoie 35/18 (62-154).

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