“It is not a sporting decision”, regrets Alvaro Gonzalez (OM)

“We renewed my contract and, from there, the problems started, assures the former Villarreal player. Jhad to lower my salary on August 31 so they could sign a player here and even though it hurt me, I did it because I am the third captain of the team and I understood that I had to do these things for the club and for my teammates. From then on they started belittling me in incomprehensible ways after the way I behaved, when I gave my all for the club, went through thick and thin, like you have already discovered in Spain. Later, they wanted to send me away in a bad way, even though I didn’t want to. »

“They started belittling me in incomprehensible ways. »

Alvaro Gonzalez, OM defender.

While he was one of the most used Olympians by Jorge Sampaoli last season, Alvaro Gonzalez has not played in Ligue 1 since December 4 and the defeat against Brest (1-2) at Orange-Vélodrome . In 2022, he only played five minutes, in the Coupe de France, against Chauvigny (3-0).

« It’s not a sporting decision, but a club decision that wanted me to leave in January and I didn’t want to, adds the player who told his leaders that he would not move before the summer transfer window. I told them to wait until June, which is a longer market and in which more options present themselves […]. They told me that there would be no problem, that they were going to respect me, that I was part of the team and that if at some point I had to play, I was going to do it. I’m called up for all matches, trying to help the squad with my experience. »

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