It is finally possible to afford a Porsche at a lower cost

News JVTech It is finally possible to afford a Porsche at a lower cost

What if technology made it much easier to acquire a Porsche? The German car brand has looked into the subject and will soon offer Porsche 911s that are special to say the least.

Porsche innovates in its digital strategy

On the occasion of the contemporary art event of the Festivel Art Basel in Miami on December 1st and 4th, the German sports car brand announced the launch of a new virtual experience.

Although the NFT market has recorded its worst months since the beginning of the year, the luxury car manufacturer intends to use the famous web 3 to develop its virtual universe. Concretely, Porsche intends to market its first digital tokens (NFT).

As a reminder, an NFT is a digital property certificate in the form of a token, generally associated with a digital collection object. Thanks to the blockchain (in this case ethereum), offer property rights to its purchaser.

Specifically, the brand will sell nearly 7,500 NFT Porsches from January 2023, the opportunity to acquire a Porsche at a lower cost. Of course virtual, the car is an exact representation of the mythical model: the Porsche 911. For the moment, no price has been revealed but it will surely be necessary to have a handful of ethers in order to obtain its famous digital 911s. – is much cheaper than a real Porsche.

“This project is an additional element of our digital strategy,” explains Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman and member of the Finance and IT Management Committee of Porsche. “We are committed to the long term and our Web3 team has the autonomy to develop innovations in this dimension as well,” he adds.

Considered as a collection of digital art above all, the project was designed by 3D artist Patrick Vogel. Initially white, the NFT car can be personalized for several months, to make each car a unique NFT.

NFT Porsche

To carry out this project, the car brand relied on one of the biggest engines in video games. Indeed, each of the Porsche 911 in NFT was created on Unreal Engine 5, the engine of the famous Battle Royal Fortnite.

In addition to the collectible aspect, Porsche announces that owners of its NFTs will have access to exclusive benefits in the virtual and physical world, similar to other NFT collections.

Car competition rages in web 3

The new so-called web 3 technologies (NFT, metaverse and blockchain) are attracting more and more automotive companies to look into the subject. Renault, Ford, Nissan, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Mclaren have already positioned themselves in this sector, deemed promising.

In this sense, this Porsche initiative echoes the commitment of its competitors in this new virtual universe. Nevertheless, for the moment, the use of automotive NFTs seems largely limited. Owning a Porsche, a Lamborghini or a virtual Ferrari only satisfies the fervent collectors of these brands. We are still a long way from the sensations offered by its physical vehicles…

However, a track could be used to make these NFTs more tangible: the metaverse. By imagining the development of interoperable 3D worlds within the next few years, owners of these digital cars may be able to drive their Porsche 911s in different metaverses.

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