It is a joy and a pride to be champion of Morocco and Africa and top scorer in the same season.

Regular scorer of Wydad Casablanca, Guy Mbenza ended his season with a triple consecration: top scorer, champion of Morocco and Africa (CAF Champions League). A very rich season for the young Congolese striker who intends to set a new course and take up new challenges.

Libé: News obliges, Morocco hosts until July 23 the CAN women’s football. Do you have time to follow this competition. If not, what do you think?
Guy Mbenza: Sure ! I followed the match between Cameroon and Zambia, for example. I think the competition is going well overall and especially in good conditions. Now, may the best win!

You finished top of the league scorers with 16 goals for the 2021-2022 season. Did you expect such a feat?
I expected it a bit since it was one of my goals when I arrived in Morocco. Be that as it may, I am very happy to have achieved it, especially since work had been put in place upstream to achieve it. I can say that it is the fruit of this effort that allowed me to achieve this feat.

The WAC was the author of a double consecration this year: champion of Morocco and champion of Africa. How did you experience this double?
First of all, I am very happy for these two coronations. It is a joy and a pride to be champion of Morocco and Africa and top scorer in the same season. This means that I should now move on to another course. I think the work shouldn’t stop there because there’s still a lot to do. This means that I have to set myself other objectives and challenges to take up.

What do you think of the Moroccan championship? What image did you have of the WAC before moving there?
It’s a good championship. Certainly the first on the African continent with a good level.
As for the WAC, even though I already knew the club, I did not watch its matches regularly. On the other hand, I knew that two excellent Congolese players were among his squad: Fabrice Ondama and Lys Mouithys.
I remember being very well received by both the club leaders and my teammates when I arrived.

The love that the wydadi public showed towards me is something that really touched me

Did the passage of your two compatriots to the Reds influence or facilitate your integration into the club?
For sure. But I will add that there were also other personal reasons. To tell the truth, I arrived at the WAC with the intention of doing better, knowing that my elders Fabrice Ondama and Lys Mouithys gave the best of themselves when they played there and left excellent memories. Suffice to say that I had no room for error.

Let’s talk about the Raja-WAC derby. How did you prepare for meetings with this club as formidable as yours? Did you feel apprehensive before the confrontations?
(Smile). As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always prepared for the derby matches like any other match. By that I mean that the pressure against Raja has always been the same as I felt in meetings with all the other teams in the championship. But it is true that it is still a derby with all that that entails.

What has stood out to you the most throughout this season?
The love shown by the wydadi public towards me is something that really touched me. This is also one of the reasons why I had to redouble my efforts, bring out all the artillery. I don’t know if the supporters of other clubs were so enthusiastic about their players, but those of WAC are great.

How would you describe your relationship with your teammates?
First, they welcomed me when I arrived, as did the staff. Then, we maintain good relations: we get along well, we call each other often and sometimes we go out to eat with some of them.

According to certain indiscretions, you would be solicited by several clubs, in particular Egyptian. True or not, do you already have a project for next season?
I haven’t received any concrete offers yet. So I cannot tell you that I am solicited here or there. But nothing is excluded.

The Red Devils of Congo, of which you are a part, have been going through difficult times for several years. How do you experience the difficulties of the Congolese national team?
First of all, it must be said that it is a team in full construction and that a staff takes care of it. Afterwards, I am convinced that we will eventually be able to build our team.

I haven’t received any concrete offers yet. But nothing is excluded

Do you feel a motivation, an enthusiasm during your exchanges with the colleagues of the national team?
Of course the motivation is there. Just think back to the last match where we won 1-0 against Gambia, after a small meeting with all the Red Devils. We said to ourselves that we could not continue to collect defeats and that we had to get back to winning ways at all costs. Because all these failures were becoming unbearable, just like the criticism from the public who couldn’t stand our defeats anymore. I think we will continue this momentum in the next meeting of the AFCON qualifiers.
Whatever one thinks of it, I believe that the work that has been put in place is beginning to bear fruit, let’s just be a little patient to appreciate it.

What does the level of African football suggest to you?
To talk about it, I will cite the case of Morocco, whose infrastructures are close to those found in Europe. There are magnificent stadiums and a large and enthusiastic crowd.

Interview by Alain Bouithy

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