« It disgusts me to see this team play, it’s to vomit »

While some franchises are already running at full speed, others are at the bottom of the hole. This is particularly the case with one squad in particular, which was turned on by a famous US journalist not long ago… and the worst part about it is that it is not really exaggerating.

If there is one team that remains consistent in mediocrity, it is the Kings. Absent from the playoffs for almost 20 years now, they seem unable to get out of the dramas around them, with the recent dismissal of coach Luke Walton. And the collective results are hardly felt in a positive way, with a new defeat against Philadelphia (102-94):

Kings destroyed by Kevin O’Connor

A new catastrophic performance of the Californians, all the more humiliating as in front, we were playing with the replacements following the forfeits of Joel embiid, Seth Curry and Tobias Harris. What seriously annoy some observers, and especially Kevin O’Connor. The Ringer reporter hasn’t mince words recently, destroying the franchise completely in a savage tweet:

The Kings’ home loss to the Philadelphia substitutes is a real shame. Luke Walton had to leave but that won’t solve their problems. A major change of roster is necessary. I am disgusted to watch this team. What a hideous product. No wonder the other night this guy threw up all over the field.

O’Connor is referring to the surreal scene during the Jazz-Kings match, interrupted by an alcoholic fan. The kind of inglorious scene, but one that fits perfectly with the reputation and status of the Sac-Town team over the past few years. 12ᵉ in the West (6-12), the post-season already seems to be almost inaccessible for her. We take the same and start again…

The coaches who follow each other, no victories, fans at their wit’s end: this 2021-22 season promises to be once again a nightmare for Sacramento. We wonder when the players will see the light at the end of the tunnel …

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