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Shelby American is the American tuner famous for its AC Cobra, its Shelby Daytona but also for the Ford GT40 which was developed by Caroll Shelby’s teams with the aim of winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A legendary man in the automotive world, some Mustang owners were able to afford a piece of the legend with Shelby preparations on Ford Mustangs. In 2023 Caroll Shelby would have been 100 years old, the trainer then launched a special series to honor the memory of its founder. Discovery of it on Abcacteur.

A power of Shelby GT500

For this Shelby Centennial Edition Mustang, the tuner teams used a Ford Mustang GT base with a 5.0-litre V8. If the production Mustang develops 450 horses, it is not enough for Shelby. The engine goes to 5.2 liters with a supercharger to supercharge this V8 with air. Result, it develops more than 750 horsepower or the power of a Mustang Shelby GT500 which is enough to smoke the rear tires. It is available with the double clutch box or the mechanical box, the memory of Caroll Shelby is perfectly honored with this technical sheet.

mustang shelby centennial

Aggressive style

For this special series, Shelby has developed a specific body kit to distinguish it from a GT500. The grille and the spoiler are specific but there is also a dedicated logo with the face of Caroll Shelby and the inscription Centennial. The forged aluminum wheels are 20 inches and have Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Do you want to enjoy it with your hair in the wind? No worries, it is available in the Fastback body but also in a convertible. Finally, all the colors of the Ford catalog for the Mustang are available.

The passenger compartment gets exclusive leather upholstery and a white gear lever as well as distinctive elements reminiscent of the founder. Finally, to do like Caroll Shelby, a Stetson hat is provided as well as a memory book by Caroll Shelby.

100 copies?

Shelby announces that this Centennial version of the Mustang will be limited to only 100 units in the United States. Knowing the passion for the preparer across the Atlantic, there is no doubt about the speed of sales. Chez-lui also announces that certain copies will be reserved for export to other markets without however specifying the number. The distribution will however remain very confidential.

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