Issa Hayatou’s proposal for Africa to win the World Cup

Issa Hayatou reigned over African football for about twenty ofyears. The Cameroonian has helped bring innovations to African football. Hayatou will be replaced in 2017 at the head of I’supreme authority of football by the Malagasy Ahmad Ahmad. In the meantime, the CAF executive committee had decided to make the Cameroonian the president. ofhonor of I’institution. Since his non-reelection at the head of the Confederation of African Football, Issa Hayatou has been somewhat discreet. But he happens to ifexpress on I’future of African football.

Hayatou was seen on various occasions in the through stadiums in Cameroon during the recent Cup ofAfrica of Nations alongside distinguished personalities. Some media then managed to extract a few words from him. VS’is like this I’former president of CAF ifis expressed on I’future of African football. Yes I’Africa wants to have a chance to win the World Cup, it will have to ifunite, faith ofHayatou.  » What I am about to tell you is extremely ambitious, but not impossible. With the breeding ground that the continent has, it would be interesting to build a continental team whose players will come from the four corners of I’Africa. For this project, I think it would be good to put I’focus on conflict areas. In these regions there are thousands ofextremely talented children who have dreams, but who live in fear. You will have to choose a slice ofage, 11 to 12 years would be ideal. These kids will form the basis of the continental super team and I can assure you that we will train real champions who will bring us the World Cup. »


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