Isaiah Thomas sends a message to a franchise for next season!

Still a free agent, Isaiah Thomas has every intention of returning to the NBA next season, it remains to find a contract on the market. It is not necessarily very far for the leader, who comes in addition to making a public message to a team. With that, we can almost say that the elf should be on the floor next October.

Recovered from his injuries, Isaiah Thomas wants to prove to the NBA world that he still has the level to shine on the court. A complicated mission, especially since he did not make a big impression with the Lakers last year, or with the Mavs, where he only played one game. There was better in Charlotte, even if Thomas was limited, in particular because of his still permeable defense.

Fortunately, IT remains a player with experience, which could benefit certain teams, such as the Hornets. According to Shams Charania, the franchise of Michael Jordan would not be against the idea to bring the player back, and we imagine that discussions will take place soon. An interesting signing if confirmed, even if it will take much more in North Carolina to dream of the playoffs.

Isaiah Thomas back in the East?

The good news for Charlotte is that Thomas is interested in returning, at least according to his recent Twitter post. Always very active on the social network, the little elf sent his request to the Hornets: he wants to play again with this team next year, no doubt with the idea of ​​landing in the playoffs and making a splash there. It remains to be seen whether the front office will take action now.

I have to find my young guys!!!

Good luck Isaac! These guys could use some veteran leadership.

Yes please, we need the winning mentality and leadership of IT!

The Hornets are courting Isaiah Thomas, as are fans elsewhere. The player is interested, which means that all the conditions are in place for a reunion this summer. It will then be up to the leader to prove that he still has the level.

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