Isaiah Thomas is on fire again and receives excellent news!


After a rather disappointing match against his former Boston team on Wednesday, Isaiah Thomas returned to the courts this Friday in New Orleans. The leader took a nice heat stroke, and reaped the rewards a few minutes later!

After his two unsuccessful freelances at the Lakers and the Mavericks, the chance he currently enjoys at the Hornets seems to be his last to win in a team this season. Signed via yet another 10-day contract by Charlotte a few days ago, Isaiah Thomas has delivered contrasting performances so far. However, he was able to show himself at the best of times!

Isaiah Thomas is a hit, the Hornets reward him

Very well received within its new franchise — evidenced by his debut at the Spectrum Center, IT however saw its lease end this Saturday. From then on, he decided to let go of the horses for his last outing before this deadline. Result: 14 points scored in 16 minutes of play against the Pelicans (5/8 shooting, 4/6 from 3 points), for a big 142-120 victory on the New Orleans floor!

In a decidedly porous defense of the Pelicans, the elf really enjoyed himself, and therefore quite simply signed his best performance in Charlotte’s jersey. This obviously did not go unnoticed in the offices of the franchise, since according to Rod Boone of Charlotte Observeit should allow him to extend his adventure on the spot a little longer!

According to a league source, the Hornets are expected to sign Isaiah Thomas to a second 10-day contract tomorrow. He has been excellent under their colors so far and scored 14 points off the bench in Friday night’s win over New Orleans.

A first for Thomas this season, which has something to excite him. Moreover, according to the Hornets insider, it seems very likely that his stay in North Carolina will extend beyond this new 10-day trial period!

NBA teams can only give a player a maximum of two 10-day contracts. Once the second expires, he will need to be re-signed for the remainder of the season. I would be really shocked if he is not kept in the squad for the last 14 games of the season.

While the Hornets remain well placed in the race for a spot for the play-in (9th, 33-35), Isaiah Thomas could therefore play the postseason with them. In any case, it is not his last explosion that is likely to prevent him from doing so!


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