Isaiah Thomas had 81 points in the summer league

The summer of 2021 will forever be etched in our fan memories. Why ? Because the flirtation between July and August will have offered us almost at the same time the NBA Finals, the Free Agency, the Olympic Games, the Draft and the Summer League. Are you serious? Oh yeah. The scars of this crazy period are still there, a year later, so much so that we decided, over a few days, to remind you of some of these still present memories. 2021 intravenously. Today ? A look back at Isaiah Thomas’ sick performance at the summer tournament organized by Jamal Crawford.

Ah, there, there, summer. What a great time though. Between the showers after the beach and the pool afternoons with friends, we are definitely at the top of the love scale. Only black point of this period, the NBA is not at the max and the news is very rare. Fortunately, small one, TrashTalk exists to not miss anything, and small two, the summer tournaments are there to entertain us. But if you know, those kind of meetings in a gymnasium where NBA stars, college players, influencers and perfect no names. To get an idea of ​​how the games are going, trust the Pro-Am on NBA2K. It’s pretty much the same, minus the red backpack. The small point guard absolutely scores all the points, the pivots grab the rebounds and the other three guys wait in the corners. Besides, today a year ago to the day, a little guy completely turned around a tournament organized by mister Jamal Crawford. Her name ? Isiah Thomas. His performance? 81 dots. Already in trouble and without an NBA team at the time, the elf took the opportunity to show the world that he still had very good leftovers. After a complicated 2020-21 season, hardly having set foot on an NBA floor – only three small games with the Pelicans – Isaiah vented his frustration on the floors of the CrawsOver Pro-Am in Seattle, not far from where he grew up. Be careful, wet your neck well, because the highlights are very, very hot.

Shoots from the parking lot, cross’ devastating and touching finishes, IT delighted. Race report, 81 pawns and a complete offensive mixtape in front of a cheering crowd, the job is done. Certainly the opposition opposite is not the toughest and the stakes of the match remain minimal, but the essential is elsewhere. Seeing a boy like Isaiah Thomas having fun playing basketball, well that makes you smile. Especially when we remember the galleys of injuries that the guy has experienced in recent years and the adversity he has gone through in his goal to find the NBA. If his future in the Big League still remains unclear (22 games played in 2021-22 at the Lakers, Mavs and Hornets), IT is nonetheless an atypical player, who will have left his mark on the game. We talk when even a 1m75 point guard, a franchise player for one of the most legendary teams in the NBA (Boston Celtics), who finished fifth in the race for the MVP in 2017. The end is probably near, but the facts weapons are there. Moreover, these 81 points remind us all that Isaiah Thomas remains a born scorer, even at 33 years old.

While waiting to find out if Isaiah Thomas will play in the NBA next year, we are counting on him to break everything again this summer. Whether at Jamal Crawford or elsewhere, IT, it’s time to send wood!

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