Isaiah Thomas at the Lakers, he reacts to the viral news!

A few weeks before the recovery, Isaiah Thomas still hopes to find a team to start this 2022/23 campaign. Unfortunately for him, the interest seems quite low at the moment, despite a recent training session with the Los Angeles Lakers. A news to which the leader did not take long to react, and with honesty.

After a few very complicated seasons in the NBA, with stints on the side of the Lakers, the Mavs or the Pelicans, Isaiah Thomas does not give up his dream. Regardless of the criticisms of his defense, the interested party persists and signs: he still thinks he has the level to shine in this league and asks an organization for a chance. But as the recovery approaches, opportunities are scarce for the little elf.

It must be said the former Celtics player is no longer really in his prime, his contribution in attack having experienced quite a cold snap. He was still able to show great things at the Hornets last season, while Charlotte could have just offered him a new contract. It’s a possibility, but that still doesn’t see the light of day as training camp will resume in a big week.

Isaiah Thomas… at the Lakers?

His supporters learned good news this Saturday, since journalist Michael Scotto mentioned training on the Lakers side. The California franchise is still looking to bring back a few veterans in order to test them and potentially sign them for the takeover, for a relatively short contract. The name of Thomas has been mentioned, even if he is not the only one.

Two-time All-Star Isaiah Thomas trained with the Los Angeles Lakers, alongside other players including Armoni Brooks, Sharife Cooper, Mychal Mulder and others.

A chance for Thomas, who could find the Lakers in the coming days… at least according to this rumor. First of all, it should be remembered that the team of LeBron James has just signed Dennis Schroder, causing an overload on the side of the leaders. The name of IT therefore does not make much sense and moreover, the player himself confirmed that it was false:

No, I didn’t train with the Lakers!!! What source told you that?

That settles the Isaiah Thomas case at the Lakers. Not only would this move make no sense for the franchise, but the player himself preferred to indicate that he did not have such an opportunity. In the meantime, the little elf continues to hope for a signing before the start of the new season.

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