Is this Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk the lowest in the world?

Liberty Walk has just completed its latest project: a Lamborghini Aventador that has been fitted with its infamous GT EVO body kit. Result, it can not even pass over a small pebble that would be on the road.

Is that quite reasonable? The GT EVO is Liberty Walk’s final body kit for the Aventador before Lamborghini halts production of the V12-powered supercar. Only 20 copies of this kit will be made and this is the third copy that has just been completed. The changes made transform the look of the Aventador: already at the front with a brand new shield sporting redesigned air intakes and a front blade very (too?) close to the ground. The front wheel arches have been flared and now benefit from louvers above the wheels. Everything has been thought out to improve the aerodynamics of the Italian supercar.

In profile, the car is impressive. The rear wheel arches have also been widened and the side skirts lowered. The car seems to be literally on the ground. The rear spoiler rests on the wheel arches and is painted matt black. A set of matte black rims gives the car an even more aggressive look.

Taken from a video game?

With its brand new look, this Aventador doesn’t even look real. At the rear of this model renamed « GT EVO », there is also an imposing diffuser with yellow edging on the tips of the fins. Liberty Walk has also designed a « shark » fin that runs down the engine cover and joins the fixed fin at the rear.

The most expensive version of the body kit is made from carbon fiber and costs up to 187,000 dollars (163,000 euros), but Aventador owners can buy the kit for “only” 94,600 dollars (about 83,000 euros) s it is made from plastic.

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