Is the national team too dependent on Kevin de Bruyne? « Yes, but… » (video)

After the last match of the Nations League group stages, the RTL Sport team met to discuss several points about our national team but with a central question: are the Devils ready for the World Cup?

Defeated 1-0 by the Netherlands in Amsterdam last night, the Red Devils did not reassure the public. Two months before the World Cup, Roberto Martinez still has his work cut out for him. The question arose whether the Belgians were not too « De Bruyne-dependent ».

Kevin De Bruyne, resplendent since the start of the season, was one of the only Devils to have played at his best last night, like against Wales where he was dazzling. Always in charge, our consultants wondered how the national team could live without him. « We must pray that he does not get hurt!« , claims Vincenzo Ciuro from the outset.

« His first half against Wales, he was magnificent and yesterday we saw that the other players were not at his level.« , analyzes Emiliano Bonfigli. « This year, it’s his tournament, it’s him who must allow us to pass the first round without incident« .


« If ever he is less good, like against the Netherlands in the first leg, we see the result, we take 1-4“, continues the consultant.

« Being dependent on a player is always dangerous. The problem with him is that he often gets injured at this time of year, so we have to hope« , explains Frédéric Gounongbé. « But being dependent on a player like Kevin De Bruyne is less so, he brings so much to the team.e ».

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