is it really paid in bitcoin?

May 22, 2021 at 1:40 PM by Partner article

An NFL footballer who asks to be paid in Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. This trend is leading more and more people to carry out transactions with electronic currencies, including Bitcoin. Russell Okung, is the FNL star really paid in Bitcoin? Find out more here, about his adventure with Bitcoin.

Russell Okung and Bitcoin

Russell Okung is now among the top 30 highest paid players in the NFL. Thanks to the conversion of his salary into Bitcoin, his income increased from $ 13 million to $ 21 million, when you consider his current value. The star of the American National Football League is therefore fully involved in the world of cryptocurrency. There is no longer a shadow of doubt. Some publications of the young Carolina Panthers player on his Twitter account had announced the colors. “Freedom of life, and #bitcoin” and “You can make ‘x’ a year and watch it slowly erode with inflation or you can protect your hard earned money with #bitcoin” are among the star posts. . These publications have also increased the number of subscribers on his twitter account.

It all started in May 2019 when Russell Okung asked to receive his salary in cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. From there to confirming that Russell Okung is paid in Bitcoin, there is a gap. Indeed, after he had made his wish, the American club where the player plays has stepped up to make clarifications. The Carolina Panthers club immediately denied in the columns of Cointelegraph that their star like his teammates is paid only in the currency of the country: the dollar. Better, the spokesperson for the club warned that Russell Okung can choose to do with the money what he wants, because it is his business. From these statements, it is clear that the player does not have an agreement with the club for remuneration in Bitcoin.

Snoop Dog and Dogecoin: stars paid in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency ended up winning the arena of the stars. In addition to athletes, cultural stars in America and elsewhere have embarked on this adventure which has proved fruitful over time. Snoop Dog, one of the emblematic figures of American Rap recently embarked on the cryptocurrency adventure. Thanks to him, Dogecoin electronic money has experienced dramatic fluctuations in record time. Already in the past year, Dogecoin has seen a jump of over 725%. Today, it is placed 10th according to CoinGecko. Its capitalization is around 10 billion dollars and a price of 8 cents per DOGE. It also caused many people to buy dogecoin.

Other music and sports stars are also in the cryptocurrency business. American footballers Trevor Lawrence and Sean Culkin have reached an agreement with their club to collect their salaries as well. When we know the commitment of these two stars for bitcoin, this option was predictable. Sean Culkin has teamed up with the cryptocurrency app Zap to convert his salary into bitcoin. For his part, Trevor Lawrence will be able to receive $ 920,000 in Bitcoins as a salary.

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