is it for today or tomorrow? / Exclusive magazine

It’s been months that the wait lasts to have the end of the Volkswagen soap opera. Audi and Porsche will be in F1, yes…but in what form? Nothing is official yet.

It would have been very strange if the arrival of two major car brands in F1 did not provoke great enthusiasm. More particularly for Audi, whose artists have imagined over and over again single-seaters in the colors of the firm with the rings.

The Volkswagen group has announced that two of its premium brands will jointly enter F1 by 2026. Now we know better the content of the next V6, cleaner and much less expensive.

It now remains to be seen what will happen tomorrow, starting with Porsche. The Stuttgart manufacturer intends to take a 50% stake in the Red Bull team, which will still be supported by Honda in the meantime. But what would that mean? Would, against all odds, Red Bull become Porsche F1, and therefore a factory? The terms are not yet well defined.

As for Audi, it’s even more mysterious: where are the negotiations with Williams? Definitely on hold, but nothing concrete in terms of announcements. What about the negotiations with Sauber? An announcement is still pending, as if a strange secret had slipped into Audi’s ambitions.

In the end, we know a lot of things without knowing a lot at the same time… will we have two new factory teams? Only one ? Two simple motorists? These are the questions and it becomes somewhat urgent to answer them…

Not to mention that F1 does not want to fill the board for the moment… the saga is still likely to continue!

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