Involved in Draymond’s attack on Poole, Kevin Durant restores the truth!

At the heart of a huge controversy following his recent crush on Jordan Poole, Draymond Green had already distinguished himself in such a lackluster manner with Kevin Durant in the past. The leader of the Nets has just compared the two cases, cash!

The case seems well and truly classified on the side of Golden State, and yet it continues to spill a lot of ink on the NBA planet. Draymond Green’s violent attack on Jordan Poole continues to be talked about, a week after it was revealed. On the airwaves SiriusXMthis Wednesday, Jeff Van Gundy notably compared this scandal to that which had opposed the big man of the Warriors… to Kevin Durant in 2018:

The Warriors are not a moral school, so they will always seek to do what is in the best interest of the team. I’ve heard people say, « They suspended Draymond Green for a game when he yelled at Durant, why don’t they do it there? » Because Durant was more important. He was a great player, and they were trying to show him not only how important he was, but also that they wanted to re-sign him. Here it is different.

Kevin Durant refutes the comparison with Jordan Poole

A connoisseur of Green’s volcanic temperament, Durant could not escape his latest escapades, which some do not hesitate to link to the stormy sequence during which he was bullied from the inside. Interviewed by Nick Friedell ofESPN on the subject, however, the Nets star immediately sought to distinguish between the clash he had been able to experience with Draymond, and the one that is currently agitating the Dubs Nation:

It’s not the same scenario at all. There, someone was punched in the face… There is no possible comparison. I’ve heard people say that happens a lot in the NBA. Me, I had never seen anything like that. However, what Draymond and I did a few years ago, this sh*t happens all the time, so it’s easy to get over that. But I don’t know about the current situation.

Once this clarification was made, KD did not want to add anything to this case, even less after seeing the climate calm down in recent hours in the San Francisco Bay:

It seems to have calmed down, everyone has resumed their normal lifestyle. Draymond is going to play the next game, Jordan played the previous one, so I guess it’s back to normal. Everything that comes close to our sport and which does not only concern basketball, I try to stay away from it as much as possible. All of this is nobody’s business other than those people who are in the locker room.

It must therefore be believed that his viral message addressed to Jordan Poole after the birth of the controversy had nothing to do with taking sides in its favor!

A former victim of misconduct by Draymond Green, Kevin Durant refuses to equate this memory with the recent fight at Warriors training. Not sure that the fans will nevertheless follow his instructions!

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