investigations opened for provocation to hatred and sexual exhibition

« Several investigations » were opened after the incidents that occurred on Saturday during the derby between Lens and Lille, including one for « incitement to hatred and exhibition of racist or xenophobic signs » and another for « sexual exhibition », announced the prosecution on Wednesday .

Saturday, at half-time of the match, dozens of Lensois supporters had invaded the field to do battle with the parking lot of Lille, who had torn seats to throw them on artesian supporters. The clashes, limited by the intervention of the CRS, left six lightly injured and two spectators were arrested.

One of them, a 26-year-old Lille supporter appeared on Monday for « violence against a person holding public authority » with « weapon by destination », namely « a torn seat ». The hearing was postponed until October 18, and the man was released under judicial supervision.

At the same time, « several investigations were carried out following the events », including one « for acts of incitement to hatred and exhibition of racist or xenophobic signs, » said the Béthune prosecutor’s office on Wednesday.

After the match, a photograph had circulated in the press and on social networks, showing a man with an outstretched arm in a gesture that could evoke a Nazi salute, but performed with the left arm.

Protective measures against Lens

Another investigation is opened “for facts qualified as sexual exhibition. Investigations are currently underway with a view to its identification, ”continues the prosecution.
Several media, including the Voix du Nord, broadcast the photograph of a shirtless supporter, with blurred lower body, indicating that he had, according to testimonies, exhibited his sex in front of one of the stands occupied by supporters Lensois, including many families.

In addition to the judicial inquiries, the disciplinary committee of the League for its part sanctioned RC Lens with a closed door as a precaution for at least two matches, pending an investigation into the incidents.

The RCL will therefore host Strasbourg on Wednesday then Reims on October 1 in an empty stadium. The committee also decided to close the Lille supporters’ parking lot when Losc plays away, starting with the planned trip to Strasbourg on Saturday.

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