Introducing your child to sport: our advice

Sport is an activity with many psychic and physical virtues. Our advice to introduce your child to sport from an early age.

The benefits of sport for the child

Taking part in a regular sporting activity is essential to ensure the well-being of the child. In addition to the role of sport in its psychomotor development, physical activities help build character. Indeed, a child can fight his shyness by practicing combat sports such as judo. Team sports such as football or basketball are ideal for encouraging children to socialize and develop team awareness.

Sport is ideal for developing children’s coordination, speed, balance and flexibility. In addition, physical activities boost their immunity. On the intellectual level, sport is beneficial to students with academic difficulties. Indeed, sport improves concentration, autonomy, the culture of effort as well as the desire to succeed. Thus, a child who has failed at school can feel valued through his athletic prowess and find the will to progress academically.

How to motivate your child?

Although sport is extremely beneficial for children, some may be more reluctant than others to participate in regular physical activity. In order to motivate your child and make him want to move, it is important to set a good example and to support him well.

  • Set up an outdoor play area

To encourage your child to go out and participate in a physical activity, you can set up an outdoor play area for them. In Casal Sport, you can find a wide range of games for children, ideal for stimulating the little ones. For example, you can install a hopscotch mat, a balancing course or an educational course. There are a multitude of possibilities to create a playful space and encourage your child to exercise.

  • Limit screens and focus on outdoor activities

Whatever the age of your child, it is advisable not to let him abuse screens. Indeed, a child who is used to spending time in front of the television is more sedentary and is more reluctant to physical activities. Favor outdoor activities to allow him to let off steam and enjoy the fresh air and the sun. Outdoor games are a great way to introduce them to sports.

  • Show him the example

In order for your child to see sport as a natural part of everyday life, it is advisable to set an example for him by engaging in physical activity yourself. Thus, he will want to do the same and will have more fun playing a sport. In addition, it is recommended to offer him activities to do together, as a family, in order to motivate him. You can, for example, favor walks in the forest, cycling or even swimming.

  • Don’t force him if he doesn’t feel like it

So that your child does not see sport as a strenuous activity, avoid forcing him when he does not want to. Indeed, the best way to motivate him is to adopt a benevolent approach and to listen to his desires. If your child already practices a regular sporting activity, it is recommended to offer him another type of sport so that he does not get bored.

How to choose the right sport?

For choose a sport for your child, it is above all essential to respect your desires. Indeed, it is advisable to take his opinion into consideration and to respect it, even if the sport he wishes to practice does not meet your expectations. If your child has special characteristics such as hyperactivity, it is recommended that you seek professional advice on choosing the ideal activity. Once the choice is made, it is essential to get involved with your child and to give him the means to progress.

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