Introduce disabled boxing to promote sport for all


Direction Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, a town located east of Dijon, in Côte-d’Or. We discover the sports and cultural association Chevigny Multiboxes. For some time now, she has been organizing discovery sessions in a little-known discipline: disabled boxing.

This is a practice of different forms of boxing adapted to people with disabilities. The club organizes weekly sessions supervised by educators and members of the club. Training designed for people in wheelchairs or people with unstable balance or amputated. With the beautiful days that have settled in, the club seeks to promote this disabled sports section which it opened last October as well as disabled boxing.

Workshops that aim to show that boxing can be adapted to everyone. Alain Simonneau, the club’s sports educator, is delighted with the success of past editions since the number of licensees is increasing. Adapted boxing workshops that he also offers in other establishments such as Ephad.

A sports practice of handiboxing which helps to maintain physical condition and work on self-confidence. Because according to him, sport is good for everyone and must be accessible to as many people as possible.


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