INTERVIEW. Toulouse Olympique: « We want to go back to the Super League! » Cédric Garcia, administrative director, has the ambition to raise his head after relegation

the essential
Toulouse Olympique officially ended its season on September 3 with a defeat at St Helens (36-16). After this first season in the Super League, Toulouse finished in last place and were thus relegated to the Championship. From now on, the Toulouse leaders are preparing for the next season. Cédric Garcia, the right arm of the president, Bernard Sarrazain, the administrative director of the club delivered his objectives for the coming season. In 2023, Toulouse wants to play the leading role in the Championship and validate its ticket for the Super League.

The 2022 season

Cédric Garcia: « It was a very difficult season. The descent is a huge disappointment. But not everything is negative. For this first experience of the club in the Super League, we saw the level of requirement of this competition. We We learned a lot. We learned a lot from this season. »

The 2023 objective

Cédric Garcia: « We want to go back to the Super League next year, that’s the club’s objective and project. At the moment, we are meeting the players. We are in the contract renewal phase. Then we will focus on recruitment.

The renewed contracts

Cédric Garcia: « Dominique Peyroux, Harrison Hansen, Maxime Stéfani, Eloi Pélissier have had their contracts renewed. We are happy to have retained Olly-Ashall Bott who had an excellent season at the back. »

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The case of Benjamin Laguerre

Cédric Garcia: « Benjamin Laguerre was integrated from the Elite team to the pro team during the last game of the season at St Helens on the wing of the attack. During his performance, we were flattered by his performance in a not really easy context. Benjamin Laguerre is one of the players who have the profile to play in the Championship. Elite 1 has allowed us to integrate Hugo Pezet and Maxime Stéfani into the professional group. Benjamin Laguerre is a promising element. »

Will coach Sylvain Houlès stay?

Cédric Garcia: « We want to renew our confidence in Sylvain Houles. At the moment, he is on vacation. He is in a period of reflection. We are giving him time to think. He is the one who has the answer we are waiting for with impatience. »

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