INTERVIEW. Overseas chartered accountants present at the 77th Congress of the Order at the end of September in Paris

Outremers 360: You are the President of the Overseas and Corsica Committee of the National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants. What are the objectives of this Committee and what work have you accomplished since the beginning of your mandate?

Abdoullah Lala, President of the CNOEC Overseas Committee:

The Overseas and Corsica Committee of the CNOEC is part of the continuity of the Info Lodeom service initiative, launched in 2009 by the National Council, following the adoption at the end of 2008 of the law for the economic development of the Overseas Territories . The purpose of this service was to decipher and study the methods of implementing this Framework Law. InfoLodeom had also made it possible to report to the public authorities the difficulties of applying the measures voted and had provided assistance to sisters and brothers overseas.

This first initiative was followed by the presence of overseas territories at the Congress of Chartered Accountants with a first presence at the Strasbourg Congress in 2009, thus ensuring the visibility of overseas territories through this major event for our profession. This presence of overseas regions has continued over time and resulted in the establishment of the Overseas Committee in 2017 with a mobilization at the service of the overseas accounting profession.

In line with the previous actions implemented, the Overseas and Corsica Committee now wishes to ensure better representativeness of the diversity and specificity of the territories it represents within the Board of Governors and thus increase its influence, in particular, with decision-making and power circles.

This committee aims to be the spokesperson for the entire overseas and Corsican accountancy profession and to do everything in its power to meet the challenges awaiting overseas chartered accountants: the promotion of chartered accountants at the heart of the economy, the bet training and the promotion of digital technology. To date, the Committee, which I have chaired since the end of 2020, has produced a book entitled « The chartered accountant at the heart of the revival of overseas territories », the result of work carried out in partnership with the profession. Presented at the Congress of the Order in September 2021, this book is the first step in a journey to position the profession as a key player in the overseas territories for a serene recovery of the economy of our territories.

It lists the 10 proposals of the overseas profession for a rapid and sustainable economic recovery of our territories. These proposals are the result of a consultation of professionals from each territory as great connoisseurs of the issues of their respective territories.

The 10 proposals selected, broken down into three categories, correspond to measures to be deployed in the short term in order to revitalize the economies of overseas territories following the shock caused by the pandemic. They will be followed by medium-term measures to consolidate the structure and resources of companies and finally, in the longer term, to affirm the economic and social development of the overseas territories by strengthening measures adapted to their context.

We also held a Webinar for the profession on recovery on December 8th. On this occasion, we had the pleasure of discussing with Hervé Mariton, President of FEDOM.

Finally, during the previous edition of the Congress of the Order, the workshop intended for the overseas profession also focused on recovery. We thus had the pleasure of receiving Mohamed Laqhila, MP – Secretary of the Overseas Delegation of the National Assembly, Olivier SERVA, MP – President of the Overseas Delegation of the National Assembly, but also Olivier Mugnier, Member of the ESEC and of the Overseas Delegation of the ESEC.

Outremers 360: The next Congress of the Order will take place from September 28 to 30, 2022 at Paris Porte de Versailles. You are one of the co-rapporteurs. What does your role consist of and what will be the highlights of this Congress?

With the team of rapporteurs, made up of Caroline Helin, Eliane Leveque-Griffanti and Michael Fontaine, we are in charge of preparing the content of this 77th Congress, in particular in the programmatic approach. After having placed the chartered accountant at the heart of the recovery in 2021, the National Council of the Order has decided to place the chartered accountant at the heart of society for this 2022 edition.

The 100 proposals formulated within the framework of the presidential election and carried by President Lionel CANESI confirm this position. With them, chartered accountants, primarily concerned by current and future social, societal and environmental changes, claim more than ever their central role at the heart of economic, social and societal activity. They thus propose solutions to the economic emergencies linked to an unprecedented situation, but also more structural measures capable of responding to these major medium and long-term challenges.

My particular responsibility is to represent the chartered accountant at the heart of the territories, in particular the territories that are geographically the most distant from France.

Outremers 360: And precisely concerning the Overseas Territories, what will be the key moments of the Congress devoted to the overseas territories?

First of all, it should be noted that #OnLine registration for the Congress is completely free for overseas professionals in order to facilitate territorial continuity for each overseas Sister and Brother.

In addition, we have concocted a program totally dedicated to our #OnSite territories in order to highlight the skills and wealth of our overseas territories:

A workshop will take place Friday, September 30 at 2:30 p.m. and will have as its theme: a new impetus for aid schemes for investment in overseas territories. This workshop led by Emmanuel Cugny will have the pleasure of welcoming the following personalities:

– Carine Sinai-Bossou, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Guyana

– Dominique Maugenne, President of the CROEC of Guadeloupe

– Olivier Serva, Deputy of Guadeloupe

– Jean-Christophe Thibault, Associate Founder OSEOM Finance

In addition, representatives of the profession from the overseas regions and Corsica will have the pleasure of welcoming delegates to our Stand (PR 41) every day in order to help them discover the richness of our regions.

Finally, we organize a contest where many prizes are up for grabs (airline tickets, stays in our overseas territories and Corsica, gourmet baskets, etc.). The objective of the National Council is to change the way we look at the overseas territories which are real assets for our country, allowing us beyond maritime power to be present on all the oceans and to carry the voice of France there. where it should be heard.

I would end my remarks by indicating that overseas accounting professionals are the outposts and sentinels of the presence – French and today European – in an increasingly chaotic world marked by geopolitical upheavals and shifting centers of gravity.

We are diversity, first of all of the women and men of our territories, of the cultures that mix there, and we have inherited from our predecessors the respect for difference and living together (which unfortunately can sometimes be weakened) but our fellow citizens are very attached to the republican values ​​and symbols that unite us all. I always carry in me the fond memory of the stories of my grandmother who lived through the Second World War in Reunion and who spoke to us a lot about our resilience and the courage of the inhabitants of the Island during this period which was so difficult for the France.

This love and this attachment to our country must be known to our compatriots in France and the action of the Overseas and Corsica Committee also consists of talking about the assets of our territories with a young population wishing to invest in development. and the influence of our country

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