Interview Alex Guénette: NASCAR Pinty’s and Xfinity serial projects for this season … and beyond!

Friday July 30, 2021 by Eliane Gilain

As already indicated, the 2021 season of NASCAR Pinty’s will launch this Sunday, August 1 at Sunset Speedway, in Ontario. If the peloton sees the usual drivers returning once again to the track, newcomers appear in the list of candidates for the title.

Although we can not speak of a newcomer in his case, the return of Alex Guénette in the series is a plus for the show … and the fight for victory. Although he has not taken part in a full season since 2013, the Quebec driver has nevertheless participated in three races in 2019 and he is continuing his part-time career in motorsport with Larue Motorsports, a team that is engaged in racing. Late Model Cars (LMS). Alex is therefore ready to return to the track in NASCAR Pinty’s, this time with Rick Ware Racing, an American team which also engages Andrew Ranger in the series. We discussed all of this with Alex Guénette on the eve of the first 2021 weekend of the NASCAR Canadian Series …

Alex, tell us a bit about this opportunity with Rick Ware that allows you to find a steering wheel?

I spoke to DJ Kennington some time ago. He created a partnership with Rick Ware Racing but it is DJ who will take care of my car and I will team up, as everyone now knows, with Andrew Ranger. I get along very well with Andrew, both on and off the track. I am delighted to be part of this new project with him. I will also be a team with DJ Kennington who will be racing, so I will be driving the team’s third car but I am confident that the three of us will work well together.

Is it now confirmed that you will be on the track all season?

Yes, I will do the full season. The last time I participated in a NASCAR Pinty’s race was in 2019. I had done the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix with Larue Motorsports but I was then driving my own car. It had been good, we were fast. I also replaced Alex Tagliani for two events, Loudon and Jukasa, that season.

Are you going to have to check out some of the tracks that are on the NASCAR Pinty’s 2021 calendar?

I have already driven at the Autodrome Chaudière, in addition of course to Trois-Rivières, ICAR and Mosport. On the other hand, I have never been to Sunset Speedway but I remember riding at Delaware Speedway in my first year in Pinty’s when I was driving for Dave Jacombs. The deal that allows me to play this 2021 season was made at the last minute, so we didn’t have time to go for pre-season testing, but I still get used to the circuits quickly. I am confident, both for the ovals and for the road circuits. In the past, I have often been put in rapid learning situations!

What are your goals in NASCAR Pinty’s this season?

It’s been a long time since I’ve raced, so it will be first of all to get used to the car at the start of the season and to learn or regain my habits on the tracks. Then obviously I want to win races and try to win the title.

Rick Ware being also involved in NASCAR Xfinity, can we hope to see you riding, as it is for Andrew Ranger, in this American series this year?

Yes, that’s a possibility for the end of the season. We’ve talked about this before and I have a few options on the table, but it probably won’t be until October. I would have liked to do the Roval in Charlotte, but it won’t be possible with Rick Ware, I’m still trying to find opportunities.

Are you already thinking about the 2022 season?

Yes, the goal will be to do NASCAR Pinty’s full time, and NASCAR Xfinity as a bonus if possible. It all depends of course on the sponsors who will support me, but I am thinking about it right now.

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