Inter Miami broke the rules for Matuidi

It was through a press release that the MLS announced the news. The Inter Miami club violated League regulations by offering a salary well above the standards to Blaise Matuidi. The French midfielder was not ranked among the three « Designated players » of the workforce, in other words among the three players who can receive a salary beyond the framework set by the League.

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Blaise Matuidi’s salary is going well, according to MLS press release « beyond » the salary cap for MLS players and « He should have been classified as a » designated player «  ». The three “designated players” of Inter Miami were the Mexican Rodolfo Pizarro and the Argentines Matias Pellegrini and Gonzalo Higuaín. Inter Miami have decided to part ways with midfielder Matias Pellegrini so that Matuidi can officially be one of the three players.

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