Infront wants to capture more fans on the screens

With nearly 40 cars registered this season in the World Endurance Championship, fans will have plenty to follow in front of the screens. Six races on three continents will be on the program this year. In mid-March, all eyes will be on Sebring and the 1000 Miles. This year 2022 should allow fans to wait with a 2023 season that is looming beautifully. Seeing Audi compete against Peugeot, Porsche, Toyota and Ferrari, to name just these five brands, will delight fans of the discipline and should attract others.

« It’s a very exciting time for endurance racing », said Frédéric Lequien, general manager of the WEC. “We expect epic battles on the track in the years to come and we will be able to tell incredible stories to our fans around the world. » For this, it will be necessary to broadcast the rounds up to the expectations of the fans.

Given the attractiveness of the championship, broadcasters are expected to increase in number in the coming years. Infront, which has managed the rights to WEC since 2015, is keen to increase WEC’s exposure worldwide.

“Infront has worked with us to develop a strategy that allows us to take full advantage of our content offering while remaining fully operationally involved in all decisions and bringing us to the table with broadcasters”, explained Pierre Fillon, President of the ACO. “We greatly appreciate their complete transparency and expertise and look forward to the next few years of collaboration. »

The long-term renewal of the exclusive media rights partnership should make it possible to take a new step. The agreement with Eurosport has been renewed until 2025 without forgetting the contract with the L’Equipe channel.

“We remain a complicated product to distribute”, points out Frédéric Lequien. “We have to offer products adapted to the fans. » At a time when we are told that a video broadcast on YouTube must be less than three minutes under penalty of getting bored, we will have to stand in front of a screen of fans during 6-hour long races. The 24 Hours of Le Mans, Spa, Nürburgring or Daytona remain very specific products. These races rally a lot of fans. We now have to capture the fans on the other endurance races.

For Infront and the WEC, the objective is clearly to develop the offers. « Both teams have done a superb job of securing extensive media distribution around the world, including long-term pan-regional deals as well as multiple single-territory deals, while at the same time generating revenue. important », says Julien Ternisien, Vice-President Summer at Infront. “We are delighted with this extension with the WEC and the ACO and have a clear objective in mind for the years to come: to ensure that the media distribution we provide for the WEC develops at the same time as endurance. »

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