Inevitable turnaround in the Kyrie Irving case?!

While Kevin Durant is haggled across the league, Kyrie Irving has to wait. The Nets have given priority to the trade of his teammate, just to see more clearly concerning the workforce before the recovery. Nevertheless, a turnaround is not impossible with the former Celtics player, not bothered by the evolution of his case.

After another failed season, the Nets are preparing for some serious upheaval in the months to come. The Kevin Durant file is slightly on hiatus, the leaders preferring to temporize, but many still hope that an exchange will see the light of day before the start of the school year in September. It is far from certain, even if a recent meeting with KD could change everything. Meanwhile, we find Kyrie Irving, who must wait.

Kyrie Irving ready to stay in the Big Apple?

If KD jumps ship, it’s only natural to think that Uncle Drew will be next. The Nets will not necessarily enter the reconstruction phase, but we imagine that the front office will want to turn the page with the leader, far from being irreproachable since his signing in the Big Apple three years ago. However, the interested party sees himself continuing in Brooklyn, as confirmed by journalist Ian Begley, of SNY.

A source close to Kyrie Irving explained this week that the seven-time All-Star is happy and comfortable about starting the 2022/23 season with the Nets.

If Durant does want to jump ship, this is not the case for Kyrie, who still hopes to stay in Brooklyn for this new season. Is the interest mutual? We can strongly doubt it. Once the Slim Reaper trade is confirmed, everything suggests that Irving will be next. It remains to be seen where it will end.

Kyrie can think whatever he wants, at the end of the day, if KD is traded, Kyrie is traded.

Lakers fans thought they were getting Kyrie back lol

There is a scenario where Kyrie Irving remains a Brooklyn Net in the fall, and it even gains momentum, much to the chagrin of the Lakers. The leader prefers to play in the Big Apple, but unfortunately has no say in his future. Everything should depend on the evolution of the Kevin Durant file.

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