Indy 500 – The beautiful group shot of Meyer Shank Racing


Laughing with the members of Meyer Shank Racing, his family and loved ones, expatriate Simon Pagenaud even surprised himself in contemplation when walking his dog Norman on Wednesday evening on the Speedway: “ We stopped at the top of the stands at turn 3, and then I thought: “You’ve already won here”. There’s no more worrying about whether I’ll ever get my name on the Indy 500 charts. That stress is awful. » Winner on the Brickyard in 2019, the Poitevin had a plan well in mind to move up to second place at the cape of the 150th lap, a rank that seemed to him  » the ideal solution to then be able to win. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I plan to use, but won’t go into detail about! I will use my experience. It looks like a game of chess,


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