Indianapolis 500: Installation of a windshield to protect the cockpit from 2020

IndyCar advocates safety. Thus, from 2020, single-seaters will be equipped with a windshield, the organization announced on Friday. This polycarbonate windshield will be attached to the front of the cockpit, anchored in a titanium frame reminiscent of the halo, the wishbone-shaped device used in Formula 1 since 2018.

The Aeroscreen had been tested in F1


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« The load supported should be 150 kilonewtons (kN), which would correspond to that required by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for the halo »can we read in a press release released later.

The Aeroscreen (the name of this device) is developed by Red Bull Advanced Technologies. It had initially been used for F1 from 2016, but the FIA ​​preferred the halo, which was deemed more resistant and easier to integrate.

Since the Indianapolis Grand Prix held on May 10 and 11, IndyCar has been using an appendage called Advanced Frontal Protection (AFP) attached to the front of the cockpit and intended to deflect debris. IndyCar hopes to test this device in the summer and provide it to teams in the fall.


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