incredible, the Lakers and the Blazers are on the verge of booking their vacations together

El famoso win or go home. Same fight for the two games of the day between Portland and Denver, then between Los Angeles and Phoenix. Two teams have a qualifying ball in the Conference semifinals, two others are back to the wall and would be extremely upset if they already have to go on vacation, so soon, too soon.

2h: Blazers – Nuggets (2-3): Damian Lillard dreams of the title every year, and he could well be disappointed again, even earlier than in 2020. Back to the wall, it’s the least we can say of the Blazers who will be despite everything, unlike the Nuggets, in full tonight. Denver will indeed have to compose without Will Barton (right hamstring) and again without PJ Dozier (elongation of the right adductor). The intensity will be there for sure and it is not a win or go home like the others. And if Damian Lillard dreams of a Nikola Jokic title too, then the Nuggets will have just as much fangs as the Blazers to finish the job.

4:30 am: Lakers – Suns (2-3): it is undoubtedly the most anticipated game of this first round of the 2021 Playoffs. The Lakers are one defeat to make their season a huge failure, and to make LeBron James (and Adam Silver) mad with rage. We are already leaving for bad news on the Gens du Lac side with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope absent, for a contusion to his left knee, and as regards Anthony Davis, the grandfather hopes to make his return after a failed Game 5 during which his teammates have took water without him. We will not know about his participation until a few minutes before kick-off, vis-à-vis what the doctors will say about his tear in one of the adductors. LeBron failed to release cyborg mode two days ago, he gets another chance tonight and it is said that Legends are even better when all seems lost.

Tonight, guaranteed emotions and obvious sweating on the program. Good big Game 6 as we like them, far from Game 5 of the day before where everything is already folded in the second quarter. The evening is all the more beautiful as it is possible to focus on one match then another, with the same stake, and where the stars will undoubtedly be on their basketball game.

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