Incorrigible, Shaq sends a new free tackle on Rudy Gobert!

Shaquille O’Neal does not carry Rudy Gobert in his heart, and this has been observed for many years through repeated attacks. And even when the Diesel is questioned on a subject completely distant from the French, the latter takes it for his rank!

On the whole, his statements about the current pivots are rarely meant to be positive. As a former big man emeritus, Shaquille O’Neal is indeed impartial and very demanding of his successors in the NBA rackets. This especially applies to Rudy Gobert, whose big contract and recognition within the league is still struggling to move to the Big Cactus.

Shaquille O’Neal brings out the sulphate on Rudy Gobert

Despite a high level of play and great rewards won, Gobert did not manage to take the Jazz far in the playoffs. An observation which has often been criticized by the Shaq, and which, according to him, would make his salary unjustified. But while the Diesel seemed to have changed course following his last viral release on the Frenchit turns out that the latter is always in his sights, even when it comes to… Pat Beverley!

Leave my boy Pat alone. I have nothing bad to say about Pat. You know why ? Because he plays the game the way the game is meant to be played. Not like those guys who get 200 or 300 million and don’t know how to play at all.

A first punchline which could already be considered as a salvo intended for Gobzilla. This was fully confirmed on the continuation of O’Neal’s statement:

When these guys are traded, you all come back to me. “Oh, Shaq is a hater! » : Shaq knows very well what he is talking about. They are the ones who made sure they were released. Yeah, remember that, Utah fans? Yeah, you remember!

Shaq therefore puts Rudy and Donovan Mitchell in the same bag, and believes that their recent transfers justify his incendiary comments towards them. All this, in the end, to simply try to defend the case of Patrick Beverley, whose arrival at the Lakers he relishes:

Listen, you have to have someone like that on a team. With a guy like him, you don’t pretend.

The fire burns, the water wets, and Shaquille O’Neal criticizes Rudy Gobert. If he wishes to answer him in the best possible way, the tricolor pivot has only to be crowned European champion with the France team, and thus prove that his contribution can make it possible to win titles!

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