Incidents at the Stade de France. “Lies”, “slanders”… Liverpool fans fight back

Liverpool fans have not digested the incidents at the Stade de France, which disrupted the holding of the Champions League final between their club and Real Madrid on May 28.

“The organization of the match failed miserably”

This Tuesday, June 21, Spirit of Shankly, the main union of supporters of Redsand the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, its equivalent for disabled fans, issued a fierce statement condemning the behavior of the French authorities in relation to these incidents.

At first, Spirit of Shankly explains that he had to do pressure to obtain the right to express oneself​, since the two groups are expected this Tuesday, June 21 to testify before the law commission and the culture commission of the French Senate, just like Real Madrid fans.

The organization of the match failed miserably​, is it then written in the press release. There were no stewards to direct people to safety before, during and after the game. Instead, these same people were tear gassed and beaten indiscriminately, and many feared for their lives.

Fans demand ‘full, independent and transparent investigation’

If the Liverpool supporters did not appreciate the organization of the final, they also resent the statements that followed from the French authorities. As a reminder, Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, had justified these overflows by pointing the finger at the tens of thousands of English fans who would have come to Saint-Denis with counterfeit tickets.

Since then the authorities, rather than admitting their mistakes, have sought to shift the blame onto supporters with false and unsubstantiated lies and allegations, based on a misperception of football fans in general and Liverpool supporters. especially.

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In its conclusion, Spirit of Shankly asks a full, independent and transparent investigation into the final and demands a full apology and recantation of lies and slander​.

Incidents at the Stade de France. “Lies”, “slanders”… Liverpool fans fight back

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