In Zone Interdite, these dentists who would have devitalized 4000 teeth for no reason, disfigured 350 patients and charged fees of 3 million euros allowing them to buy Aston Martin, Porsche Cayenne or villa with swimming pool shock M6 viewers

The trial of the “butcher-dentists” will deliver its verdict on Thursday, September 8. “Zone Interdite” is reviewed on Sunday September 4 on this quite singular news item. Two dentists would have multiplied the extractions of teeth for years, most of the time without any valid reason according to the elements of the investigation, in order to invoice these acts to social security and to earn as much money as possible. A total of 350 victims are filing complaints against these two Marseille dentists. In “Zone Interdite”, we learn that they would have devitalized more than 4000 teeth, thus disfiguring patients who came initially for scaling or cavities. The dentists performed more than 70 appointments a day, charging fees equivalent to 40 or 50 hours of work per day. In the northern district of Marseille where the two dentists worked, people very often benefited from the CMU (Universal Mutual Coverage, now called “solidarity complementary health”) which allows them to be reimbursed for health expenses. The dentists took the opportunity to tell patients that they were going to pull their teeth because they were in poor condition, which was obviously false.

In “Zone Interdite”, patients testify and indicate that their lives have been ruined by these acts of dentists. Young girls went every morning to have their teeth filed and then pulled out, today they can no longer smile and live with dentures. This report from “Zone Interdite” shocked viewers of M6 who cannot believe that these dental extractions could have been carried out without social security realizing the number of operations billed. They are very angry against these dentists who would have accumulated more than 3 million euros in fees, allowing them to afford Aston Martins, Porsche Cayennes and a villa with a swimming pool according to M6. Above all, those who have watched “Zone Interdite” sympathize with the victims completely devastated by what happened to them. They could be compensated after the verdict of the trial of the “butcher dentists” scheduled for Thursday, September 8.

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