In which league to register his Sorare team?

Sorare, the NFT football sticker collection game, offers managers to register their team in different championships according to their card types. It is thus possible to join championships reserved for free, limited, rare, super rare and unique cards. Within these divisions, there are leagues. They are open to players able to register five players who meet the selection criteria.

The Casual League

It is the only league available in the community card championship. This league allows you to discover the game by registering only free cards. There is no selection criteria to integrate it, any community card can be registered. A ranking is established at the end of each day and rewards are distributed to all players according to their results. Only the top three in the league get limited cards.

The All Star League

The All Star league is the equivalent of the Casual league but in paid card championships. Each paid championship has its All Star league. To register your team, you just need to have five cards of the level of the championship in which you want to participate. This easy registration makes it the most contested league in the game. Obtaining rewards in this league is therefore complicated in view of the large number of participants. However, it allows you to become familiar with the mechanics of paid cards and to be able to play quickly.

The Under 23 league

Like the All Star league, this league is present in each division and allows the registration of player cards from all over the world. However, only cards from players under the age of 23 are accepted. To find out if a card meets this criterion, all you have to do is check if it has an « U23 eligible » sticker. Due to this selection criterion, this league is much less contested than the All Star league, which increases the chances of obtaining rewards. Betting on this league also makes it possible to recruit certain young players who have not yet revealed themselves. They are therefore not too expensive and allow a good resale afterwards.

European Champion League

To participate in this league, you must register players playing in the 5 biggest European leagues, namely: Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Premier League (England), Bundesliga (Germany) and Ligue 1 (France) . As with the Under 23 league, the number of participants is lower than in the All Star league. This guarantees more chances of getting rewards. The players playing in the 5 big leagues have a higher value than the others. It is therefore necessary to invest more than in the All Star league to get started but the returns are more important.

Challenger Leagues Europe, America and Asia

These leagues are reserved for players playing in the championships of their continent. Note that for the Challenger Europe league, all players from championships that are not part of the European top 5 are eligible (see above). These leagues are the ones that offer the most rewards relative to the number of participants, and the players who can participate in them are often available at an attractive price. It is still necessary to be vigilant with the calendar of the championships of the players. Indeed, these European, American and Asian championships often play fewer matches than those of the European top 5. There is therefore a greater chance of not being able to field a full team on certain days.

The Weekly League

The Weekly league is an event league whose entry conditions change every day. With tempting rewards, Sorare encourages managers to obtain players who meet certain conditions in order to participate. It can be age, nationality, championship… And sometimes even all three at the same time! Building a team to compete in this league can be profitable as super rare and uncommon cards are up for grabs. The cards purchased to register for the Weekly league can again be used in other leagues in the coming days.

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