In Vitré, the Sport Center is launching a new activity: padel

Padel is played 2 against 2 with very specific rules
Padel is played two against two with very specific rules ©Le Journal de Vitré

At the beginning of summer, many are those who come to learn about this new activity which has just arrived at sports center of Window : the padela racket sport.

Four, double

 » This is a mix between tennis and squash : we apply the rules of tennis but we can play with the walls around. It is played with four, in doubles. It’s very pleasant”, describes Simon Orhand.

“So don’t hesitate to come and find out: many know them but have never played. » Reservations are made on one hour slots. The ground is specific to this sport since it is composed of a fairly fine synthetic material with sand filling.

The padel meets a success especially at lunchtimes and evenings of the week, but also on Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

Indoor Golf

The padel is added to the golf simulator arrived a few weeks ago at the Sport Center. “A complementary activity to outdoor golf. It’s very fun,” says the manager. The room, heated and air-conditioned, is made up of a 4.50 meter long screen.

It is now possible to come and train at the Sport Center on courses that really exist all over the world with technology that is “99% reliable, used by professional players”.

Indeed, all the data is communicated to the players with extreme precision: distance, power… « The opportunity for the specialists to work on ball contact », concludes Simon Orhand.

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