In trouble, Killian Hayes publicly humiliated by a US rapper!

The beginnings of Killian Hayes in the NBA were not the easiest, the young player still having difficulty adapting to the game across the Atlantic. Some observers are starting to lose patience, and a rapper from Detroit shamefully attacked him recently. Fans reacted immediately.

The Pistons’ 2022 offseason probably didn’t do Killian Hayes much good. Indeed, the leaders of the Michigan franchise have decided to take Jaden Ivey in fourth position in the draft, and the latter evolves on the back lines. In other words, he is a direct competitor to the young Frenchman and there is a good chance that he will steal his place alongside Cade Cunningham. Sad, but logical given the difficulties of the person concerned.

Since his arrival two years ago, the guard has shown some promise but unfortunately he still lacks some scoring production. He is much more convincing in passing and defense, but some expected a lot more from him as the 8th draft pick. Critics are therefore becoming more and more virulent, like that signed by rapper Sada Baby. Originally from Detroit, the latter smashed Killian in one of his recent singles:

Detroit rapper shocks Killian Hayes

If you make a mistake, you’re no better than Killian Hayes

The tackle is terribly gratuitous, and that’s clearly not what will give the young Habs more self-confidence. To compare, Isiah Thomas’ recent statement about him is much more useful… Luckily for him, MoTown fans seem to support him just as much as the local legend. The singer was indeed turned on for his lyrics, Internet users being very unconvinced by their content:

This brother sent a completely gratuitous tackle to Reggie when he did nothing, I don’t understand why he has the right to so much hate. I remember defending Killian last year because he was so young and the guy clashed with me because of that. He’s still young and developing, and Sada hates him for no reason.

It’s corny, and Hayes got in his head for free, he built buildings there

Killian Hayes didn’t ask for anything, which didn’t stop rapper Sada Baby from setting him on fire. Let’s hope the young Frenchman can silence the critics next year. At least he still has the support of Detroit fans.

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